Tips For A Vegan Diet For Beginners

Before proceeding further, you should make sure and do not get confused between the vegan diet and the vegetarian diet. Because, this is two different things. Vegan is one of various types vegetarian diet .
A vegan diet generally avoids consumption all animal products, including processed products from animals such as milk, cheese, eggs, gelatin, honey, and so on. While vegetarian diets avoid meat and animal products, but some still consume milk, eggs, and honey.
Unlike the shadows of people, you can actually go on a vegan diet without feeling miserable because you can’t eat animal food products. Then what are the vegan diet tips for people who just want to start doing it?
1. Don’t procrastinate
According to Dr. Michael Klapper, a doctor and plant-based diet expert, don’t delay starting a vegan diet. Some people are still hesitant and not confident, so only discourse continues to start this diet. In fact, getting delayed will not make you even more determined to start.
Therefore, it is better to practice this diet directly by challenging yourself gradually. For example, starting with just one day, then three days, one week, up to one month. Over time, your body will adjust to these changes in diet and you can become fully vegan.
2. Make a meal plan ( meal plan )
After you make the determination to carry out this diet, the next step that is no less important is making a meal plan . This aims to avoid you from consuming non-vegan foods unconsciously or consciously.
You can arrange a meal menu from breakfast, snacks, to dinner. Try not to eat foods that are not in the menu that you have designed. You really have to be disciplined, but later you will more easily undergo this diet.
3. Start with simple food
The next vegan diet tip you can do is start with light foods. Because, there are various kinds of vegetable-based foods that are interesting to try. However, to avoid confusion in determining vegan food for consumption, you should start with vegan foods that are light and easy to make at home.
You may often see a variety of vegan recipes that are very tempting on the internet, but this can be a boomerang. Especially if you are not too good at cooking. You will feel overwhelmed because you have to bother cooking and hunting for certain vegan ingredients. In fact, the vegan is not as difficult as your shadow, how come.
So, start with foods that are simple, easy to process, and easily available. For example breakfast with peanut butter bread and soy milk. For snacks, prepare fresh fruit or juice. You can eat lunch with gado-gado without eggs. If you want to snack again, you can try beans or know the contents of vegetables. As for dinner, you can eat stir-fried vegetables and mushrooms with brown rice.
Don’t forget to make sure your food menu is not only good, but also rich in carbohydrates, protein and fiber to support your activities.
4. Add portions if you’re still hungry
When you start the transition to a vegan diet, you may get hungry easily. This is normal because even though plant foods are rich in various nutrients, the caloric content is still lower than animal food products. The solution, you can add portions to each meal.
However, you don’t need to worry. Because plant foods are generally low in fat and calories, increasing the portion of food does not necessarily make you fat.
5. Join the vegan community
Last but not least, joining and gathering with other vegan people can keep you motivated. Because the social environment has an important role in supporting your daily activities and lifestyle. In addition, you can also share tips on vegan diets or interesting recipes with community members.

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