Potato Diet For Weight Loss

There are many ways and types of diets available. Diets by consuming or avoiding certain foods are the most common types. The food needed is also diverse, ranging from easily found everyday to need to be purchased at an import shop. One way to diet that can be done easily is a potato diet. You can find potatoes anywhere and anytime. Some interesting facts and ways about potato diet below you need to know before you start the diet.
1. The Origin of the Potato Diet
Potatoes are not a new food ingredient in Indonesia. Consumption of these tubers is often found, ranging from snacks to heavy foods. However, recently the potato diet has become an interesting phenomenon on social media after an Australian man, Andrew Taylor, claimed to have succeeded in losing 30 kilograms of weight after a potato diet. To achieve this result, Andrew only ate potatoes for three months. Interested in following in his footsteps?
2. Potato Nutrition
Potatoes are known as a source of carbohydrates like rice. Some of you may wonder why potatoes can be an alternative diet food. The reason is, even though potatoes are rich in starch, potatoes do not contain calories, fat, and cholesterol. This means that the potatoes that enter your body will immediately be burned into energy without being buried into body fat. In addition, you will also get nutrients from potatoes such as fiber, vitamin C, calcium, and proteins that are good for your health.
3. Potato Benefits for Health

Some of the nutrients that potatoes have have a good role for health. Vitamin C potatoes work as antioxidants that can prevent or slow down the process of damage to body cells. Calcium in potatoes is good for the growth of bones, teeth, and white blood cells. While the fiber contained in potatoes is a substance to prevent blood pressure and maintain digestion and heart health. So there is no need to hesitate to run a potato diet because potatoes are rich in benefits.
4. Lose Weight with Potatoes
How can potatoes reduce weight? The first is starch in potatoes will be a source of energy and keep the body full longer. With this appetite will be more awake. Second, raw potatoes do not contain calories and fat at all which will not make fat deposits in your body. Third, the fiber contained in potatoes is very good for digestion.Maintaining health and smooth digestion is very good for those of you who are on a diet.
5. How to Diet Potatoes
First, determine the purpose and timing of your diet. There are two types of potato diets that can be done, namely an intensive diet for 15 days or make potatoes your daily source of carbohydrates. The first diet will be more difficult because you only consume potatoes. Of course you can cook it in various ways and mix. The advantage is that this method is suitable for weight loss programs. Whereas, the second method might look easier but requires a long time and consistency. This method is good for maintaining your body weight and body shape.
6. Preparation of Potatoes
A good diet for potatoes is dense potatoes. Choose and wash the potatoes clean, make sure not dirt left on the skin. Furthermore, potatoes can be cut and processed according to taste. The recommended processing methods for the diet are boiled, steamed, and baked. Don’t add cooking spices like salt and sugar to keep potatoes healthy for your diet. For more delicious, you should eat warm potatoes.
7. Combination of Potato Diets Day 1, 2, 3
Choose three kilograms of potatoes and cut the potatoes into shapes wedges (like french fries). Bake the potatoes until they are golden yellow without additional cooking spices. You can divide it into 6 servings for several meals. This is done to maintain appetite and avoid habits snacking . Don’t forget to drink enough water every day. Do it for three days.
8. Combination of Potato Diets Day 3 to 10

Do it like a combination of the first diet, roast potatoes and divide into six servings. The difference is on the diet this week you can add cooking spices, butter, and olive oil in the third to sixth portion. Keep in mind the cooking spices you add, not too much and choose the low fat ones. Do this method for one week. You also have to maintain the consumption of water.
9. Combination of Potato Diets Day 10 to 15
Your diet is only five days away. On this last day you can bake or steam three kilograms of potatoes. Divide into four to six small portions for your daily consumption. In order not to get bored, you can also make mashed potatoes from potatoes that have been steamed. Crush with mashed potatoes or turn it over until soft. Add enough pepper, salt and herbs to taste. Also add water and butter or low-fat milk slowly. Stir slowly so that the milk does not break.
10. Alternative Potato Diet Menu
If you find it difficult to go on a potato diet, you can do it slowly by making potatoes the main source of carbohydrates. Change daily rice consumption with potatoes. Rice contains high sugar levels which can increase body weight, make the body tired, and hungry fast. You can boil, steam or roast potatoes instead of rice.Everything can be enjoyed with daily side dishes. This method is very suitable for those who want to maintain weight stability.
How? Are you ready to start a potato diet soon? It’s a good idea to find out more about your body’s needs before taking this diet. The needs and conditions of each person’s body are different, don’t push yourself too hard if you haven’t achieved the desired results. Live a healthy and enjoyable diet!

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